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STANDARD PROCESS MICROBIOME WHOLE GUT ANALYSIS - This gut analysis looks at the microbiome of the entire digestive tract through a simple stool lab test. Your kit will be delivered to you by INNER BEAUTY HOLISTIC HEALTH or you can order and pick up from IBHH as well.

  Your microbiome can be affected from birth on. This isn't about the need for probiotics alone, but a customized in depth multi-page report of your good and bad bacteria that effect the immune system, digestion, elimination and so much more. Standard Process and MediHerb protocols are given to help rebalance your microbiome as well as dietary recommendations to rebalance your gut. Purchase your result products from
  The Standard Process Microbiome Test Kit is a two-part assessment which is derived from: Gut microbiome analysis using next generation genetic sequencing of a stool sample to discover the diversity of the bacteria and fungi that live in your gut, and a Lifestyle Questionnaire that is completed by the patient when the test is registered with Inner Beauty Holistic Health.

What is microbiome testing?
Microbiome testing is the use of next generation genetic sequencing and bioinformatic analysis to compare a patient’s microbiome with that of a normal/healthy individual. This will reveal the composition, balance and levels of bacteria and fungi inside of the gut from a stool sample. 

  • BIOHM has completed thousands of consumer gut microbiome tests,
  • Recognized expertise in bacterial and fungal interactions,
  • Uses the 16S and ITS rRNA sequencing for microbiome analysis — the gold standard for bacterial and fungal sequencing,
  • Validated and standardized testing methods used in 100+ research studies
  • Easy-to-understand report based on well-established research.



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